Sixtus (2017)

by Reapers Row

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released April 18, 2017

Artwork and logo created by Alex "The Bad Dog" Herrera of legendary Bay Area Death Metal outfit Spinebreaker.
Recorded and mixed by Marc Estabillo at The Den in Union City, CA.
Mastered by Derek Goodson of No Victory.



all rights reserved


Reapers Row San Jose, California

Cy / Vocals
Justin / Guitar
Mike / Guitar
Marc / Drums
Joey / Bass

Twitter: @ReapersRowHc

Instagram: @ReapersRow

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Track Name: Brain Damage
Theres voices in my head and they keep screaming
I haven't slept in days and my eyes are bleeding
There's something wrong with me and I can't quite grasp it
Can you please help me out?
I don't want to go down

Trapped in my own mind, there is no path to find
So I strike at the walls to make my knuckles turn white
Kiss my soul goodbye, I see the end of the light.
Kiss my soul goodbye because I've lost the fight.

Now I'm soulless and out of breath
It seems like I will never cheat death
I pray to God but he won't answer me
Ever since then I don't know what the fuck to believe
My time is starting to run out
I want to save my life but I don't know how.

Being sane is very hard to manage
No one can help me
Now I'm stuck with brain damage
Track Name: Pit of Despair
Into the pit of despair with you
You did this to yourself
Trapped in here forever, there is no way out
Evil starts to take control
I'll take the ones you love and swallow their souls

It's too late for you
You made your choice
Take my hand straight into the void
A lifetime of suffering is what you will receive
You don't think that this is hell, but I will make you believe.

I cast you down into the sea of fire to burn away your filth
You scream in terror begging for another chance
But for you there is no turning back
Track Name: Cold Love
Take my hand and show me the way
I've been here for far too long
It's time to leave this place

I don't know what I would do without you
Your cold touch is wanted

I love the way you feel
I don't know what I would do without you

Well I'll probably suffer some more
I don't know what will happen to me
But when you're here I'll know for sure

I love the way you feel
I don't know what I would do without you

You open your arms and I fall into them
My end is about to begin
I feel weightless, it feels so good
With you I no longer feel misunderstood
I take my final breath, I finally know the experience of death
Track Name: Spellbound
Sever the ties with everything I know
Living a lie everywhere I go
Such a place I never thought I would be
But in this cruel world there's a place for me

Getting brainwashed with the things I see
Sweet escape from this sick society
Breaking away is what I think I need
Breaking away just to step out of this routine

Living by the hand of the wicked isn't where I'm meant to be
When the spell is cast upon me

Acceptance is ignorance
Conforming is penniless
Realization is the only way
But until then I'll say, "so long"

Spell bound by the wicked
Track Name: My Disease
My disease is spreading in my body
It's what I feel inside
Why is it that the piece that I found long ago so hard to find
There never will be any state of mind
Where people think for themselves
And people think it's okay just to dine with the devil

Greed will always get the best of us unless we make a step towards change
Never forgive, never forget
This world has its weight
When you make an exception for redemption is when the change will come

My disease is spreading
And my body is dreading what's yet to come

No cure
Track Name: Worn Feet
Reality is talking to me but I feel too numb to talk back
Shadows always guided my past
But I won't let them get ahold of my future
With my future getting swept away
And the noose is only getting tighter and tighter

Slipping away from reality
Slipping away into tragedy
Living my life with dull emotions won't be the end of me

Always seems like the number one worry is always to make a living
No mater the cost even if it means barely at all

I'm tired of feeling like I'm forced to walk in the presence of the dreaded snake
And keep my soul in the hands of the reaper until the death of me

Seems like I'm getting held back when the water reaches my neck

But I won't let this bring me down